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Splash of Water

Acid Wash & Pool Tile Cleaning

Acid Wash

Homerun Pools excels in providing expert pool acid wash services aimed at eliminating persistent stains from swimming pools. Our seasoned team possesses the necessary expertise to effectively eradicate algae stains, dirt marks, and other surface imperfections. While various factors may necessitate an acid wash for your pool, it's crucial to entrust this task solely to experienced professionals to avoid potential permanent damage. When executed correctly, an acid wash has the power to rejuvenate your pool, restoring its pristine appearance and leaving it as good as new.

Is Your Pool In Need Of An Acid Wash?

There are numerous motives behind opting for an acid wash for your pool. If you find yourself grappling with persistent cleanliness issues despite extensive scrubbing efforts and various chemical treatments, an acid wash might be the solution. Certain stains prove stubborn to remove, while specific types of algae, such as black algae, can embed deeply into the plaster, facilitating recurrent blooms. Consider pool plaster cleaning for reasons such as:


  • Stubborn Stains

  • Persistent/Recurring Algae

  • Dingy Water

  • Calcium Deposits

  • Restoring Brightness & Appearance



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Pool Tile Cleaning & Bead Blasting

Homerun Pools is dedicated to pool tile cleaning services. Maintaining cleanliness in your tile and grout is essential for prolonging your swimming pool's lifespan. As water evaporates, minerals and chemicals accumulate on your pool tiles, potentially causing damage over time. This accumulation, coupled with dirt, algae, and other harmful deposits, can jeopardize your tiles and result in costly repairs. Our skilled technicians specialize in swiftly removing calcium and algae buildup without causing harm to your pool tiles, grout, or plaster. Be sure to call us for a free quote on pool tile cleaning service if you experience the following issues:



  • Build-up of calcium, lime, or hard water

  • A layer of white or gray film causing a dull appearance on your tiles

  • Algae growing on tile or grout

  • Black mold/algae growing on tile or grout



Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley & Tempe

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