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Splash of Water

Repairs & Equipment Upgrades


Pool Equipment Repairs

Our expertise lies in the repair of pool equipment, covering all brands. We offer choices to either repair or replace malfunctioning parts. Delaying pool repairs is not advisable, as the problem could escalate into more expensive damages. While our prices are competitive, service costs may vary based on the pool size and the extent of the necessary work. We will furnish you with a cost estimate, empowering you to decide whether to proceed with the repair or opt for the replacement of the faulty equipment.

Common Swimming Pool Repairs

  • Water leak repairs

  • Plumbing issues

  • Pump & Motors

  • Pool filter cleaning & replacements

  • Pool lighting

  • Clogs & blocked water flows

  • Electrical issues

  • Pool heater repairs & replacements

  • Repair & replace valves

  • Pool vacuums

  • Automated pool controls

  • Diagnose & troubleshooting


Equipment Upgrades
& Replacements

Eventually, every individual owning a pool must consider the replacement of equipment. The combination of chemicals and the high mineral content in Arizona's hard water can adversely affect your pool equipment over time, despite diligent maintenance. Whether you're looking to overhaul your entire pool system or just replace specific parts, our skilled pool repair and maintenance technicians will evaluate your requirements and present various options. Opting for newer, energy-efficient equipment not only saves you time and money on electricity but also simplifies the process of pool maintenance.

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